Jeff Buckley revisited - February 2023


I had some good feedback recently on this version of Jeff Buckley's song, so I thought I'd repost it for the benefit of anyone dropping by. The track is available for streaming or download more or less everywhere.

The Stars Shine Down - January 2023

As if the recent passing of Jeff Beck wasn't enough, this week we lost David Crosby. Much has been written about Beck and while I agree he was was one of the greatest guitarists of his generation, there seems little point in adding to the superlatives. If you want to check him out, maybe take a look at his performance at Ronnie Scott's Club in London's Soho - it's up on Youtube in its entirety. As for Croz, I'd seen him at Wembley with Stills, Nash and Young in 1974 and with Nash in 2012, but count myself lucky to have seen the Crosby Still & Nash concert at the Royal Albert Hall in 2013. For their second set that night they played the first album from 1969 from beginning to end. It was a magical evening, sadly now never to be repeated. As for Croz, well he was 81 and probably lucky to live so long after the excesses of the 1960's and 70's, but for those who saw him and remember the great music from the Byrds, Crosby Stills Nash & Young and his long and fruitful collaboration with Graham Nash, it's a sad loss. But the music will live on and is there for younger ears to discover. RIP Jeff and David.            (Picture of David Crosby by Christopher Michel - CC Creative Commons Attribution Generic Licence)

New single out now - May 2022


"Loki is a god in Norse mythology who is often simply described as the 'trickster' god..... "

Here's an original song - a collaboration with two Norwegian musician friends from Bergen, with an arrangement by maestro guitarist Adrian Sledmere.

Music - Øystein Farsund, Jan Grov

Lyrics - Shamus Dark

Guitar & keyboards - Adrian Sledmere

Mixing - Ian Mckenzie

PRODUCED by Adrian Sledmere & Shamus Dark

Is Your Figure Less Than Greek.....?


For Valentine's Day 2022, here's the first version of the famous Rogers & Hart classic from 2019. The 2021 recording (with a very different arrangement) is on this page too if you scroll down. This video features a galaxy of stars  from the golden age of Hollywood - can you name them?

Happy Valentine's Day!

Do Gangsters Drink Milk?


Life down a World War 2 air raid shelter can have its drawbacks, especially when it comes to fresh milk. Those of a certain age will remember days gone by when the milkman would deliver a pint or two on the doorstep every morning. Of course, it's always possible that someone might come along and steal the white liquid, but surely no-one would be so mean? Gangsters might try, but do gangsters actually drink milk? The answer to this question can be found by watching the video.

Everything Happens To Me composed by Matt Dennis & Tom Adair

Track taken from the album 'Through A Glass Darkly' and available to download or stream everywhere.

Produced and arranged by Pete Millward

Harmonica - Jens Bunge

Guitar - Eugene Pao

Camera - David Whitney

TWO NEW VIDEOS - October 2021

ALMOST BLUE - a new video (April 2021)

Latest release March 2021

Valentines Day 2021

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