Regarded by many as one of the great voices of late 20th century popular music, Jeff Buckley's life was tragically cut short in May 1997 when he accidentally drowned in the Wolf River Harbor, Memphis, Tennessee. This song was one of many that he had written for a new album which was to be the follow-up to his acclaimed CD, 'Grace'. It might seem unusual that an artist with only one album to his name could garner so many plaudits, but if you listen to the tracks on 'Grace', I think you'll understand why, after more than 20 years after his death, he is held in such great esteem by many of his fellow artists and millions of fans around the world.

Here then is a version of Everybody Here Wants You, originally written by Jeff as a love song to Joan Wasser, his girlfriend at the time.

Shamus Dark - vocals
Paul Harvey - guitar, bass, keyboards, backing vocals
Douglas McAuley - keyboards, drum programming

Recorded in Glasgow and London
PRODUCED by Paul Harvey